Safer Neighbourhoods

Toronto’s rate of gun crime is at crisis levels. Innocent bystanders, often young children, are tragically losing their lives to shootings more and more often. As a City Councillor, Paul will work hard to keep guns away from our community. He supports a tough municipal handgun ban, and will work with law enforcement to protect Scarborough-Agincourt from violence other areas of our city experience. 

In addition to strengthening our by-laws, Paul will advocate for community-based solutions to keep young people safe, like creating new youth hubs and co-op learning programs with small business partners. 

You shouldn’t feel afraid walking home at night. On a local level, Paul will secure funding for projects like increased street lighting to reduce theft and sexual harassment. 

Finally, road safety is a key part of a safe neighbourhood. On City Council, Paul will fight for residents who request speed bumps, stop signs, and radar signs. 

Stronger Businesses

As a small business owner himself, Paul knows the devastating effects COVID-19 has had on small businesses. He knows how much they contribute to our community and the value of the jobs and opportunities they create. He is passionate about seeing them get the support that they need. 

On Council, Paul will fight for lower commercial rent and more city services that support local businesses. He supports measures to cap corporate food delivery fees during the pandemic so families can afford to eat out at local restaurants, and bringing more street patios to Scarborough in the spring and summer.

Paul also believes in the value of entrepreneurship. He’ll support increased funding to help get new businesses off the ground, and more support to grow existing ones. 

During this difficult time, Paul is grateful for the hard work of business owners across Scarborough and vows to fight for them at City Hall. 

Faster Commutes

Scarborough has suffered poor transit access for too long. Paul believes in efficient, affordable public transportation and will fight for better TTC service for Scarborough. Although the current solutions aren’t perfect, Paul will ensure that they get built, and fight for increased access to bus and rail services, in addition to making Wheel Trans more reliable. Paul supports extending Line 5 into Scarborough and investing in more bus rapid transit. 

Affordable Housing & The Bridletowne Hub

Now more than ever, Scarborough deserves rent we can afford. Paul will stand up to big landlords and work with condo and apartment boards to ensure housing is accessible for everyone. He’ll combat renovictions and other tactics landlords use to jack up prices. Paul supports a vacant homes tax and further regulation on Airbnbs. 

Crucial to the wellbeing of our Ward is the Bridletowne Hub. We’ve been waiting too long: Paul will ensure it gets built, raising funds by whatever means necessary, including by increasing fines for big landlords who violate our City’s rules. Although Paul looks forward to collaborating with Provincial and Federal partners, he won’t stand down when it comes to the Community Hub we should have had a decade ago. 

Integrity & Honesty

Paul believes that transparency is the most important value for a City Councillor. Our Ward has been marred by shady deals for too long – we can’t stick with more of the same. Paul is a new champion for Scarborough, a fresh perspective untouched by years of politics and scandal.  He doesn’t serve the interests of powerful blocs or individuals. Instead, he’s an independent, community-focused advocate.

Publishing this detailed, specific list of issues Paul is passionate about is the first step to a new way of governance for Scarborough-Agincourt, one involving consultation with the people who he serves. Paul will also implement participatory budgeting and monthly online town halls.

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