M.Sc., Information Science | Athabasca University

Thesis essay:

  • Paul Maguire (2015). Private Cars, Public Cloud: Vehicular Cloud Computing Challenges and Future. In Athabasca University’s Digital Thesis & Project Room.

Courses & grades:

COMP 601 
Survey of Comp & Info Systems
COMP 602
Enterprise Info. Management
COMP 604
Enterprise Computer Networks
COMP 605
Project Manag for Information
COMP 635
Green ICT Strategies
COMP 637
Mobile Computing
COMP 658
Computational Intelligence

COMP 695
Research Methods In Info. Syst

COMP 696
Master’s Essay

Author credit for Research Assistant work:

  • Sabine Graf, Kinshuk, Keri Baumstark, Farman Ali Khan, Paul Maguire, Ahmed Mahmoud, Tricia Rambharose, Victoria Shtern, Richard Tortorella, and Qingsheng Zhang (2012). Adaptivity and Personalization in Learning Systems based on Students’ Characteristics and Context. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Smart Learning Environments (SLE 2012), February 2012, Edmonton, Canada, pp 33-36.
  • Sabine Graf, Kinshuk, Qingsheng Zhang, Paul Maguire, and Victoria Shtern (2011). Facilitating learning through dynamic student modelling of learning styles – An architecture and its application for providing adaptivity. In P. Isaias, D. Ifenthaler, Kinshuk, D. G. Sampson, and J. M. Spector (Eds.), Towards Learning and Instruction in Web 3.0 – Advances in Cognitive and Educational Psychology, Springer, New York, pp. 3-16.
  • Sabine Graf, Kinshuk, Qingsheng Zhang, Paul Maguire and Viktoria Shtern (2010). An Architecture for Dynamic Student Modelling of Learning Styles in Learning Systems and its Application for Adaptivity. Proceedings of the International Conference on Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age (CELDA2010), October, Timisoara, Romania, pp. 103-110.

Student assignment essays:

  • Paul Maguire (2013). Carbon Footprint at BMO. For COMP635 Green ICT Strategies.
  • Paul Maguire (2013). BMO Carbon Footprint Reduction through ICT. For COMP635 Green ICT Strategies.
  • Paul Maguire and Rajan Kapila (2013). Heterogeneous student grouping by a genetic algorithm.
  • Paul Maguire and Rajan Kapila (2013). Heterogeneous student grouping by hybrid particle swarm optimization.

B.Sc., Computer Science | Brock University

High School

School champion in both chess and public speaking.